Taken from the BDCL website published 2nd June 2015 for umpires information only.

To Club Secretaries;
You will be aware that due to links with the league website it has not been possible to complete umpires assessments so far this season.
There is a need for an alternative process to ensure the completion of these assessments or reports.
Attached is the new Captain's assessment form which should be easy and speedy to complete. It follows the same format as the Premier League document used for the same purpose. It is simply a case of you as the Secretary, or whoever it is that completes them after each game, saving the attachment as a template document and drawing it out each time for completion, saving the completed document for that fixture and E mailing it to the Umpires Appointments Secretary John Leaning at
If there are any queries John can be contacted on 01909 770 061.
This revised process will formally begin once again on Saturday 13th June 15. Purely as a reminder, the league rules state that any assessment not received will result in a 1 point deduction for each failed submission. A good aspect about e mailing them to John is that there will be a receipt in everyone's sent files.
On behalf of the LMC and the Umpires Association, I would ask everyone to treat them with importance, to enable evidence to be allocated as to who are the best umpires to allocate to games in the Championship and Division 1. Your evidence and comments also assist the best umpires in the BDCL to progress to the PL if they so wish. The assessments are important to the league and not just more clerical work for the sake of it. It is the actual CAPTAINS of each team who are asked to complete the document after each game which should not be time consuming exercise as far as they are concerned.
By all means if you wish to submit an assessment this coming Saturday to get back into the habit, please feel free, but remember that all teams in the Championship and Div 1 will be obligated to do so, starting on Saturday 13th June 15
Gary France
League Secretary