Umpires and Player Discipline

There are a number of umpires who are continually complaining about player behaviour and attitude. Some have become so concerned that they have decided to stop umpiring altogether, some are refusing to umpire in certain divisions and some are not umpiring certain clubs and games.

This is an appalling situation.

In discussions with the league it has been stated that the number of disciplinary hearings have fallen in the past couple of years, so this contradicts the supposed increase in poor player behaviour. The League have rightly pointed out that umpires have at their disposal the League (ECB) Disciplinary Code and should use it to counter poor player behaviour and also poor spectator behaviour for which the club is responsible.

The BDUA Management Committee is again urging umpires to report incidents of bad behaviour it is the only way to stamp it out and save our game. If we don’t umpire numbers will continue to decline which will ultimately lead to the further decline of recreational cricket in our area.