Report on the Annual General meeting of the BDUA

Alf Moffitt receiving the Richardson Trophy from Mike Smedley
The Annual General Meeting of the BDUA took place on Saturday 4th October 2014 at Cuckney Cricket Club. The Officials elected are as follows;
President                             -          MJ Smedley
Chairman                             -          B Rivington
Secretary/Treasure               -         G Bardill
Appointments Secretary       -         JJ Leaning
Awards were made to the following:
Richardson Trophy               -         A Moffitt
Walton Trophy                      -         A Rusinowski
Level 1 Umpire certificates were made to: N Hall, A Rusinowski and D Stanley
20 year ties were presented to: M Challand, A Cope and G Evans
A presentation was also made to the retiring Secretary, E Devney.